Simon’s Thesis Defence

Simon successfully defended his bachelor's thesis. He continues with his work in the group.

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Group Retreat with Kläui and Rentschler Group

We went on a group retreat to the Alps with the group from Mathias Kläui and Eva Rentschler. The three days were filled with talks, interdisciplinary discussions, and poster presentations; however, we still managed to fit in some skiing and hiking into our schedule.

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Tired But Happy

Last week we were at the beamline MAXPEEM at the synchrotron MAX IV located in Lund, Sweden. It was a great experience to learn more about how PEEM works, what instruments are used, its advantages and challenges. Taking several beautiful images of the magnetic structure of our samples with a resolution of tens of nanometers was a lot of fun.

This image was taken after the beamtime…

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Going Wild

We’re going wild! Our joint project HYMMS – Hybrid chiral Molecule-Magnetic Systems together with colleagues from Mainz and Jerusalem has been granted funding by the Carl Zeiss Foundation through the new Wildcard program. Read the idw article for more information.

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Congratulations, Stefan

Stefan successfully defended his Bachelor’s thesis. Congratulations and all the best for a bright future ahead!

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Visit from Atlantic Quantum

From left to rigth: Tim Menke, Angela and Ashish with masks on standing in the lab

Tim Menke, a recent PhD graduate in Physics from Harvard and co-founder of Atlantic Quantum, came by for a visit!

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Part of Spin+X Now

Spin+X logo

We’re delighted to become part of the collaborative research center Spin+X. We will be investigating the effective spin-orbit coupling in hybrid molecule magnetic systems within this framework.

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